Made in Lisbon

I created this brand where she can develop and sell the products that I dream and believe, made and produced by the way, I like, and think that all of us deserve!

So, on our products, you can find:

100% handmade products,
100% made in Portugal,
100% developed by us, and when I talk about us, I’m talking, about me, about some designers that have been working with me, the seamstress with whom I use to work to develop some products, the persons from the factory specialized in prints I work and discuss fabrics, prints, sizes and so on.
All my suppliers, of wood, pillows, boxes, flyers, and so on.

And the photographer with whom I have been working. Rita is just amazing. Believe that photograph and edit our swings can be one of the hardest things in a photographer’s life… and babies and kids…

I have learned a lot from all of them. And also with my clients.

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